The Trans Issue

Where have all the cross dressers gone?

Back in the day, people, and by people I mean men, would dress up in women’s clothes for the purpose of sexual stimulation, and be considered perverse. Today, people of both sexes can take hormone shots, take on the secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex, dress as a member of the opposite sex, and be considered a member of a protected group. This has caused a big dilemma for us: what bathroom facilities (toilets and showers) should they use. And today, May 26, 2016, various levels of our government are using our money to sue each other over bathroom choice.

You might ask why we are not simply using the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy used by the military for gays and lesbians for so long, but when a boy with a vagina shows up in the boys’s shower room, people are going to ask.

There is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination against transgender students on the basis of their sex.” – Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. This statement shows that AG Lynch is not on top of the issue at all. “Gender” refers to the psychological orientation of the individual. “Sex” refers to genitalia. A transgender person is someone who has secondary attributes of their opposite sex. A transsexual person is someone who has also adopted – through surgery – the primary attributes of their opposite sex.

Federal     The problem here is that Obama wants to be sensitive to transGENDERS by allowing them to use the toilets and showers of the sex with which they identify, which would allow girls with penises to use the girls’ facilities and boys with vaginas to use the boys’ facilities. This is just plain stupid law.

State     Requiring people to use the bathroom facilities of their birth sex is equally stupid. This would put transSEXUAL girls with vaginas in the boys’ facilities and transSEXUAL boys with penises in the girls’ facilities. Also, stupid law.

Reason     To be as sensitive as possible to all concerned,  the bathroom people use should correspond to their actual genitalia, not what they would prefer or the genitalia selected for them by mom and dad.

The dilemma we are facing is actually – old person’s opinion warning – the result of bad medicine. When a person wants to change sexes, doctors require them to adopt with the assistance of hormone treatments the secondary sexual characteristics of  their chosen sex before they can transition to their chosen sex through surgery. The purpose of this medical policy is to verify that the individual really wants a sex change.But this policy puts the cart before the horse. It encourages the growth in numbers of she-males and he-females, people like “call me Caitlin” nee Bruce Jenner, who walk around as women but maintain their birth genitalia and can revert back to their birth sex simply by discontinuing their hormone treatments. Is this real commitment? The kind of commitment that warrants the intervention of the President of the US of A?

Given what has happened, a better medical policy would be to require the person to give up their birth genitalia first. Want to be a guy? Gotta have a penis. A girl? Have a vagina under that skirt.

Inverting current medical policy regarding sexual transitions would eliminate the transgender class, replacing it with a larger transsexual class. It would also eliminate the source of AG Lynch’s gender confusion. And it would reduce the number of she-males and he-females that are really the source of the gender dilemma we are facing today.


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