One Geezer’s Rants

Interesting. To get to this first blog, I accessed a link to Remove the “/” and you are left with compost. Perhaps that is what this is, after all. Verbal compost. A bad thing? But if something beneficial grows from it, then it is a good thing.

I like reading the Washington Post, referred to familiarly as WaPo, and Yahoo news. I use Yahoo for research on a Health Trends class I teach to survivors of brain injuries. On Yahoo I learned about Neuroscience News where I get a lot of what I teach to the brain injured about their brains and how they function – and dysfunction.

I like both sources of suspect Internet information because they let you talk back. I avoid sites, like the Fox News web sites, that do not allow you to talk back. It is possible that no one reads what I write there, though I do get notified from time to time by Yahoo that someone has liked or disliked my comments. Validation. Someone sees and agrees. Rare. Especially on the WaPo where there seems to be a cadre of commentators who largely rant at each other or at tangential topics, rather than at the matter at hand.

So when an offer arrived in my email box to create a blog on WordPress, I thought I would for a while at least join the immense world of bloggers, and record my rants on WordPress rather than on WaPo or Yahoo. After all, it was a free offer. Now normally, when I accept such an offer, I forget the exact password and ID I enter on the registration form. But this morning, when I was asked to confirm my  WordPress account, I found I had written down my ID and password and took the time to confirm the account.

To follow will be my various rants, redirected from WaPo and Yahoo News to here. Compost. We’ll see if anything grows in it.


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