Fed Up with Corruption

There was a link today on Yahoo News to an article in Forbes Magazine describing illegal payments from the Obama administration to insurance companies that support ACA or ObamaCare. The illegal transfer of funds compensated insurance companies for covering the previously uninsured who, because of their various medical conditions, incur huge medical costs. The payment was 3.5 billion (with a “b”) dollars.

So what else is new?

The Obama administration lied to us about the costs and benefits of ACA in order to gain our support, or at least prevent us from wanting to put the kibosh on it.

This news follows on the heals of the recent disclosure that the Obama administration lied to us about the Iran Nuclear Arms deal, paying off (corrupting if not already corrupted) news media such as the once-credible National Public Radio.

We would not have known about the Fed’s deception had administrative sources not disclosed it to us. Not whistle-blowers, mind you, braggers spilled the bean, announcing arrogantly and pridefully that they had pulled the wool over our eyes, duping a doped stupid population.

Also announced this week is the addition to President Obama’s Legacy of having ended two wars. If not the two wars he had to immediately start up again, having foolishly and against reasoned advice ended prematurely, we don’t know which two wars he is alleged to have ended.

When President Obama began his eight year long campaign for office and his Presidential Legacy, he told us he wanted to fundamentally change the Federal Government. Now we know what he meant. He wanted to change it from one ruled by law and based on reasonable efforts to be transparent and maintain its integrity to one ruled by one person’s megalomania and the lies, deceptions, and corruption needed to support him.

One man’s dreams are a nation’s nightmares.

But he sure gives a nice speech.

Hillary Clinton is the perfect choice of a successor to President Obama. Will we elect her?




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